If You Are Training For A Military or Law Enforcement Selection Phase, This Could Make The Difference 
Between Passing and Failing...
Selection success rate for men who complete our program: 79%
Average selection success rate for those who do not: 25%

Imagine giving yourself the best possible shot at 
passing selection and living your purpose...
Work with a group of committed Warrior Leaders
led by Special Forces Operator & Sniper, Wes Kennedy, for an entire year. 
  •  You're training for a military or law enforcement selection phase or course and want to arrive ready to CRUSH IT!
  •  You want to develop the BEST physical fitness and leadership of your life
  •  You're looking for a BROTHERHOOD of men who see your greatness and hold you to being the best version of yourself
  •  You want to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE, make an impact and leave a legacy
  •  You are a soon-to-be or current Military or Law man (18yrs old+) who is ready to be part of a POWERFUL team of warriors and wants to go all in
12 Months of Expert Training & Mentoring
Learn From Someone Who Has Been Where You Want To Go...
Training program tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, specific goals & how you're responding to the program. 

Twice each month, receive individualized nutrition coaching and feedback from our team of professional coaches. Learn not just what to eat, but why you're eating it and how to modify it over time as your body, training volume, goals and lifestyle changes. 

Join your team twice each month as Wes and special guests share a teaching on one of
 9 core LEADERSHIP & MINDSET training modules. If you can't make a call, they are recorded for you to watch at a later date.

Bi-monthly video analysis, feedback and cues to dial in your form, prevent injuries and maximize your performance potential.

Your team, along with Wes will be with you every step of the way. Your training will be enhanced with exclusive video content from Wes to breakdown and simplify new concepts and practices.

Join your team, in person, 3 times throughout the year where you will learn to run your engine and dive deep with a group of committed men into practices that will create powerful leadership, mental fortitude and deep inner strength & resolve.

(Spots are limited . We only open registration 3 times per year, so don't wait)
"Nobody is born a warrior in the same way that nobody is born 
an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other."
- Carlos Castaneda
What WARRIORS Are Saying...
Chris | SFAS
Chad | Clearance Diver
Brad | MTOG Operator
What's in it for you...
Arrive as prepared as possible for a military or law enforcement selection
Focus on what you can control and show up, physically and mentally ready to CRUSH selection phase
Find out how to easily choose the right foods to experience elite fitness
Be the guy everyone respects at work WITHOUT suffering from belly fat, low drive, performance plateaus and foggy memory.
Discover how to communicate with and lead other men powerfully
In a way that has them LOOK FORWARD to receiving your feedback and advice.
Learn to love, lead and open your woman
So that she WANTS to FOLLOW, TRUST and SUPPORT you. (Hint: you don't want an unsupportive woman at home when training for selection! And, these are the same practices that will make you a great leader to men and the rest of the world)
Create deep, unshakable, inner confidence to achieve anything
Learn the forgotten techniques passed down through the ages from each warrior class to the next & end the train of doubt
Rid yourself of the inner pain of feeling 'not good enough' or 'unmotivated'
Learn to slow down to speed up instead of taking too much on and getting overwhelmed in an attempt to 'fix' yourself
Join a life-long community of like-minded warrior leaders who are on the same path
Men do gain strength in the wilderness; in solitude. However, going it alone at every turn is not the answer either.
Overcome procrastination and self-doubt and set course on your life's purpose
Develop an undying sense of internal motivation so you can push past your boundaries, set audacious goals and crush them.
The Format of The Group Includes: 
Team Feedback, Teaching and Leadership Practices 
"Wes has pushed me to complete tasks that make me uncomfortable, got me to physical peaks I never thought possible, gave me practices for self confidence and happiness where I now experience life in a way that seemed impossible to me before."
- Chad
"I was skeptical at first, but decided to trust someone who has been where I want to go. I've now passed selection, make more money, and have better relationships with everyone around me. Looking back, I'm so thankful I decided to commit."
- Mike
"Nothing like it exists."  
I created this for a reason.
There isn't anything out there today for the Warrior Leader that provides a space for getting deep into both physical fitness and leadership training. 

Unlike 1-off weekend training camps, we provide a brotherhood of integrity, accountability and consistency that helps you build long term, lasting results. 

For the past 5 years, I've used my experience as a special forces operator, sniper and men's coach and teacher to help dozens of men pass selection.

I give this program everything I've got...

...knowledge gained in combat environments
...teachings from the world's top coaches and mentors
...insights from working with hundreds of warriors around the world 

And I do it all because I believe we NEED to train our future warriors; in mind, body & heart.  

How do I apply?
When you click on the APPLY NOW button, you will be taken to an application form that will ask you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better and help assess if you're the right fit for our program. Once we've reviewed your application, if selected, we will contact you by phone to set up an introduction call with Wes Kennedy or a member of his team. If at the end of the call we are a 'HELL YES' to having you in the program we will offer you a spot in the next available program. 
I'm not a Special Ops candidate, am I still a good fit for this program?
This program is for aspiring or current military and LEO men who are training for an elite unit where they must prepare for and complete a SELECTION PHASE. This can be special operations such as SEAL, Green Beret, CSOR, JTF2, Army Rangers, SAS, etc. Our program participants also include SWAT, Clearance Diver, Pararescue, Combat Diver and Search and Rescue Tech candidates. We have participants from the rank of Private to LCol and Police Inspectors as well as civilians preparing to join military or law enforcement. Our participants range in age from 18 (our minimum required age) to 48. While the challenges men face vary in content, the underlying context and principles of fitness and leadership remain the same.   
What is included in this program?
One year of professional fitness & nutrition coaching. 3 x 36 hour immersive experiences and 12 months of intensive mentor-ship. Everything you need to take control of your life and show up as prepared as possible on selection, ready to CRUSH IT! Did we forget to mention the most powerful Brotherhood of men you will ever be a part of? That too...
What happens after the strategy session when I sign up?
When you sign up you will receive a link with your initial assignments. At the top of that page will be a video explaining the first assignments in detail. During this time, you will be added to the secret and private Facebook group, you will introduce yourself to the other men in the group, you will complete an onboarding assessment and you will track and send us your nutrition information. Once your initial assignments are complete, you will receive a 4-day testing package with detailed instructions via a mobile-friendly application called FitBit. Once you have completed your testing our team will send you video feedback, nutrition feedback, and your initial 2 weeks of training. From there, you will receive regular nutrition feedback, video feedback and programming tailored to your strengths/weaknesses, your schedule, your equipment availability and how you are responding to the program. You will have direct access to our team to contact them for support along the way. 

You will also join your team twice per month on a video conference call, led by Wes Kennedy, where he will lead you through the 9 core mindset & leadership modules. In between these calls you will have reading assignments, practices and team calls to attend. 3 times throughout the year we will meet together to go deep into a unique style of leadership practice that will train you to get out of your head and into your body, process past and stuck emotions, and develop deep grounded masculine leadership. At the end of the year, you will have the option to join a small advanced class. This is only for those who have played full out in their first year and feel called to take their leadership to a level that less than 1% of the population ever do.

We are not here to hustle & grind, but this WILL take continuous work over time. We will show you the path, but you must walk it...
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